23 Feb 2019 360 Video Plymouth Hoe :( had a funny

right let's go I'm going to show you just up here you can't quite see yeah my microphone stop drop it all down there yeah you know Amy watch it there we go we're ready to go now I'm gonna show you this is called Plymouth ho this is where Sir Walter Raleigh he spotted the Spanish Armada across the water over there I'll show you over the water over there and because of that one we're now saying hello not ole Ola right look over there there's Smeaton's tower move your screen around or drag the screen and you'll be able to see over there on that sweetens tower that is some memorial for some marine murders this give the microphone in the quick positional okay then I should protect from the wind this is the plymouth hoe over there we got some frigates this is where the navy comes in dockyards over there my house is over there somewhere move the screen around you'll be able to see now I'm gonna do some shouters I'm gonna see if I can do some shoutouts while I'm in the middle of limit ho while I'm recording the audio on my phone you can see okay go to the top of hill there and then you can see over there check it out one's home so I can't go to an had turn at Yale because everyone's got bloody steps so I wanted to do some showers because I was gonna do a video at that hope for homeless place but ain't nobody got time for that can you see are you straight oh I said have a beautiful day I'm reading really lucky with the way the web is going out that way sweetness tower that ways the memorial that way over the last Drake's island so Francis Drake that's his Island over there he still lives there well I'll tell one one tell me some comments I got before anyway it listed the last post Anderson let's not cherry-pick the comments right this is the one from this morning who've we got filly Jones have you been ups of devils point yet yes I have he's that way Devils point filly Jones Martina so she's in bed good view love who else we got here let's have some comments from ah here we go all the photos I released of Plymouth going around Plymouth and pictures around here as well we got Jenny's Brown castle in oh I know you ours in you on my life broadcast beautiful pictures I'd love to see them while I trap to my ugly job get a new job then leave your job Cynthia way bun bridge we off of you I'd love to live by the water Oh be careful what you wish for you might get in a boat and it sinks and you'll be living by the water forever swim with the fishes Elaine Mariani what body of water is it oh this is the river PLIM going into the Plymouth Sound this is this the C part and then the river PLIM where Plymouth is named PLIM mouth the river plume the mouth of the river Blum and Louise in is says wow it's mild today well thank you Louisa knees for joining me on my lovely broadcast here we go put that there and I can see the minutes are sending me in it for me let's go round up that way so you can have a look around in 360 hold tight even turn up the speed I'll take up this plane and my battery is full again it goes miles away when I run the battery all the way down and then charge it up it's right charge Wow look at this look at this over here okay ready go a little what do they call that can you see ran here look around springing swing there's a drone over there I thought I heard a drone before that's uh that's that's the problem that he throw the drone with there were the aeroplanes stopped them flying at a throat I did some parades here around this memorial swing around the swing around you can see he's meeting this tower over there swing around this way you can see another memorial there and over there turn right around in the direction of travel we've got him a fault I think that is double speed let's get over here and you're gonna see what if I can go on the grass with this I reckon I could it's not where now to be skidding around all over the place no I don't want to go in the grass there we go so I'm all funny now so it's all shit

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