40 People Who Found The Best Things In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales (New Pics)

The best part about shopping at thrift stores is that you never know what you are going to find. Most stores these days have a generic theme – you have a basic expectation of what they sell. But thrift stores offer objects from all walks of life. You could find things that have been stashed in someone’s attic for 50 years; old books, LPs, trophies, clothes, electronics… All have belonged to others and have their own unique story to tell. Exciting, isn’t it?

Sure, 95% of it is junk. But, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so there is always some value there if you look hard enough! This listfinds value mainly in the weird and wonderful; there are some truly bizarre objects here. The Facebook group  ‘Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared’  is a goldmine of oddities and curios, and as a follow on to previous posts here here and here, we just had to share the latest finds.

Scroll down below to check out the best of them for yourself, and head down to your local thrift store this weekend!


My Best Thrifted Find. I Especially Loved The Previous Owners Little Message, As It’s Now Used As An Art Studio In A Box

We know that thrifting is great fun and can be really interesting too, but what are the wider benefits of shopping second hand? With thanks to Unwrinkling, let’s explore some more positive aspects of heading to your local thrift store!

Environmental impact: Re-wearing clothes reduces waste and pollution. Every garment purchased second-hand means one less new one produced, which is important because regardless of material, the production of clothing is costly to the environment. Producing synthetic fibers like polyester requires lots of energy, as well as crude oil like petroleum; byproducts include toxic gases and chemicals. Sadly, pesticides used on most plants mean that even cotton and linen garments have a negative impact. Transportation-related pollution also decreases when clothing is re-used, as new clothes are much more likely to travel long distances before being sold than are their second-hand counterparts.


Found This At A Goodwill Today. Too Good


Was In A Thrift Store With My Partner When I Saw This Painting

Thought it was just abstract, until closer inspection, when we saw the “About the artist” paper taped to the painting – it was painted by a snapping turtle named marshmallow! I knew at that moment I needed to take it home with me.

Social impact: Thrift stores make it easier to know where your money is going. To track the money you handed over for that brand-new Old Navy polo, you would need to trace the brand back to the corporation behind it, the assembly factories used by the corporation, their textile providers, and those textile providers’ raw materials suppliers—at a bare minimum.

In evaluating all these steps (and the many others involved in the production chain), there are numerous considerations to keep in mind: Was your farmer using environmentally responsible methods? Was your seamstress of legal working age, paid a fair wage to work in a safe factory? Is the corporation behind it the kind you want to support, or one whose views you wouldn’t like to see perpetuated?

In short, it can be a bit of a nightmare to track the impact of your seemingly trivial purchase. However, with most thrift stores, this burden is greatly reduced. For better or worse, the original purchaser’s money has already supported the whole chain of production that led to your second-hand Old Navy polo. Since most thrift stores in Europe, North America, and Australia rely heavily (if not exclusively) on donated clothing, this means you only have to question one link in the whole chain—the store right in front of you.

Many thrift stores also directly support charity. It’s no coincidence that in the UK and Ireland, the term “thrift store” doesn’t even exist—they call them “charity shops” instead. In America, the best-known thrift stores are Goodwill and The Salvation Army, organizations which provide services to the unemployed, homeless, and disabled. In Europe, NGOs like Oxfam commonly use thrift stores to raise funds for humanitarian aid. By shopping at these kinds of establishments, your clothing purchase can go from supporting Third World child labor to supporting Third World children’s’ education.


Found This Jar To Put Your Coffee Grounds In. Love It. Bought It. Has A Fake Little Electrical Cord Too


My Husbands New Coffee Cup!


I Found An Entire Bag Of Babies At A Local Thrift Store

Of course I bought them and put them in a bowl. I didn’t know what to do with them, but they became my bird’s favourite toy (he would toss them out of the bowl with glee).

Personal impact: Thrifted clothing offers more room for uniqueness. While it’s not the end of the world to see some other guy sporting the same sweater as you, most of us would choose to avoid such incidents, if possible. Since thrifted clothing infrequently comes in multiples, you’re much less likely to bump into someone wearing the exact same thing. In addition, there’s bound to be lots of clothes that were produced decades ago, or on the other side of the country, or in some other circumstance that makes them different than what the average shopper is buying off the sale rack at the mall.

Thrift shopping allows for more creativity. Thrift stores are notorious for the wacky and bizarre items they often contain. (Remember Macklemore’s footed Batman jammies?) While these items can be downright eyesores, many just need a person with vision to re-interpret them in a contemporary way. For some, this may mean simply adding the right accessories; others may completely reconstruct their garment with shears and a trusty Singer. Either way, thrifting can allow one to do more than mindlessly mimic what one sees on the display-window mannequin, by providing more varied and interesting materials as inspiration.

Sources: Unwrinkling, The Ecologist


Thought I Saw Massive Vertebrae As I Was Driving Home Today

Whipped around after about half a mile of “I need to know” repeating in my brain; my husband was mildly annoyed when I told him what I had seen, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to rest.

Guess what.

ETA: They’re massive vertebrae. Husband wouldn’t let me put garbage bones in the car with our babies, because he’s a square.

Edit two: I have texted him to hurry home so I can get them. He is not thrilled, but I am so happy to see that I’m not the only one who thinks this is the coolest stuff ever.

Edit three: kids are loaded into the car, keep your fingers crossed that the remains remain!

Edit four, the final edit (?): It took some driving and some bonus tablet time for my 3yo, but your girl got not only the bones, but a full on spine section!!! My only regret was not having a small enough flat head on hand to remove the plaque, and the box, which was large and on castors, was dry rotted and full of spiders (I like spiders, but this was too many to put in my car).

Edit five: Who is finding us “Trash Bones” members only jackets?

Edit six: Husband has seen the light and majesty in the bones, and is even excited about how much fun the kids are going to have! He’s a keeper.

Edit seven: Couldn’t walk by my Bonehenge without hastily stacking it up after grabbing the mail. Photo attached!

Edit eight: I was told to make a hashtag, so… 

Edit nine: Can’t stop thinking about the plaque. Gonna drive by and see if it’s still there.

Edit ten: I GOT THE PLAQUE!!!!!


Found Him At A Booth At A Local Peddler’s Mall For $15! Had To Get It


This Awesome (Albeit Plastic) Medusa Crown (Headband)! Found In Roanoke, Va!


My Tissue Box On My Wall At Work


Found And Purchased… Framed And Hung In Our Restaurant


Pac Man Suit


Best Find Ever, A Certified Authentic Autographed Jesus Picture


I Found Thing At Hartville Flea Market For $4. Of Course, He’s Now Mine


My Daughter (11) Found This Today At Our Local Thrift Store

She brings it over to me and says “Mom I don’t understand what this means what does it do! Oh my


On My Way To Work, I Saw This Outside On Someone’s Lawn With A Free Sign On It

I knew that if I waited until after I got done with work, it would be gone. So I pulled over, folded down the seats, and maneuvered it into my xterra. It was not easy going, and my rear visibility while driving sucked. And I still managed to make it to work on time.


Found At Ohio Thrift In Columbus, Ohio! Salt-N-Pepa Salt & Pepper Shakers


Dinner Party Anyone?


Saw This Coffee Cup At A Local Flea Market And Was Prepared To Pay Whatever It Cost Since It Looks Exactly Like My Husband

I put a cactus in his head cause he can be a real prick. Septum piercing added due to public outcry


My Thrift Store Had $1 Mystery Boxes For Stuff They Can’t Get Rid Of. I Decided To Buy One, And It Ended Up Having 35 Lorax Plushes Inside


A Friend Gave This To Me. A Congratulation Letter 1941, From A Dentist To His Patient, On The Birth Of Her Son

Since the baby was born with no teeth, the dentist sent a set to the new baby. Teeth attached at bottom of letter

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Found In Good Ole New Orleans




I Feel Attacked By This Relatable Dish


I Had To Have It


Y’all!! Call Off The Search!….i Found Him!! The Placement Of The Eyes Is The Best!!


I’m Not Sure What’s Going On Here, But I Had To Take It Home


I’m 240lbs 56 Years Old Dude And I Want These Xs Leggings. My Freak Wants To Shine


This Find From Around 3 Years Ago In Franklin, Va. He’s A Pillowcase But I Can’t Deal With That So He’s On My Wall


My New Salt And Pepper Shakers

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Had a local jeweler set it into a necklace! I love it!


My Mom Found This On One Of Her Thrift Store Adventures. I Gave It To My Husband For An Emergency


And Then I Came Across This…


Found This Rubber Chicken Pocketbook At A Garage Sale Last Weekend

So far, I’ve worn it to the doctor’s office, a dinner party and the grocery store thinking it would get lots of comments


Now That’s A New One


This Is My Fav Goodwill (San Diego) Find. Wool Ottoman On Wheels

Cost Me A Pricey $15. Everyone Made Fun Of It. Said It Looked Like Spaghetti-O’s, Cheerios Even Maggots. But I Loved It Just The Same. After I Got It, I Did A Little Research And Found Out It Was A Piece That Retails For Around $2k. Lol. I Use It Every Day And Love, Love, Love It. My Hairy Find.


I Need Ideas For What I Can Make For My Firefighter Husband With This Lovely Bit Of Fabric I Found At A Small Town Thrift Store


Now I Have My Very Own Pair Of…. These


Today The Antiquing Gods Smiled Down And Blessed Me With This Absolute Beauty

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