Broken legs force popular Youngstown musician to sit out festival season

Dominic Tocco — one of the most recognizable names on the Youngstown music scene — has broken both of his legs — which will cause him to miss the prime festival season But he won't be out the entire summer

There's one gig he says he'll be at no matter what [B7]20190711 DOMINIC TOCCO 27-PK I sat this afternoon with Dominic Tocco in his Poland home — his crutches leaning against the couch — his legs in braces "IT'S A FREAK ACCIDENT YOU KNOW" On June 24th — Tocco was helping his son make a delivery at a store in Boardman — when the door on the back of large trailer hauling the goods broke off "THAT DOOR'S ABOUT 350 POUNDS

WELL WHEN YOU UNLATCH THE DOOR IT SHOT DOWN AND HIT ME IN THE HEAD KNOCKED ME ON THE GROUND AND THE DOOR COME DOWN AND CAUGHT MY LEGS UNDER IT AND TWO PEOPLE HAD TO GET THE DOOR OFF OF ME TO GET ME UP" Tocco said on his right leg — the fibula was broken in three spots — but the tibia is fine His left leg does have a break in the tibia His doctor has told him no performing for a while

"THERE'S A BLOOD CLOT IN THE RIGHT LEG, SO THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE KIND OF WORRIED ABOUT SO THEY ADIVSED ME TO CANCEL A LOT OF THE PERFORMANCES" Dominic Tocco is 71 He started singing in high school — but has spent most of his musical career with the group called Dominic Tocco and Brotherhood The accident also couldn't have happened at a worse time — because it's prime festival season "THIS IS THE BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR FOR US

WE DO 20-30 FESTIVALS A YEAR OUTDOOR EVENTS AND IT'S KIND OF TOUGH WHEN YOUR USED TO GOING ALL THE TIME AND YOU HAVE TO SIT HERE WITH MY LEG UP IN THE AIR WITH ICE ON IT FOR HOURS AT A TIME YOU KNOW" Dominic says there is pain — but his doctor say he should make a full recovery But no matter what — Tocco says he will sing at the Brier Hill Festival in mid August

It's where he grew up — and where traditionally he closes the festival on Sunday night "I'LL BE READY THEY'LL CARRY ME IN BUT I'LL BE READY FOR BRIER HILL THAT'S MY HOME WE'VE BEEN AT BRIER HILL PROBABLY 26 YEARS NOW

WE'VE ALWAYS CLOSED BRIER HILL SINCE THEY'VE STARTED IT" [B8]20190711 DOMINIC TOCCO 27-TAG Tocco did meet us at the door on crutches — so he his getting around a little bit Also — many people call him Dominic Taco He says it's actually pronounced Tocco — but he does answer to both

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