(ENG) 현직 아이돌이 2000년대 댄스를 춰 본다면? [이세퀴] 시즌2 EP.01 / IDOL'S DANCE COVER – Popular Dances of the 2000s

Ding-dong~ Ding-dong~ Ding-dong~ Hi, we are here Please open the door

Wow! Idols are here! Hi, welcome! [Elly & Doyeon] Would you like to have a short house tour? [House tour] – You look amazing with them! – Beautiful! If you've put them on, Let's get on the rug – Let's make a thumbnail image! – With these on? Yes, with them on [Makeover] I like it Hi, IQS house I'm Doyeon! Click, click, click

[The angel] [Up next] Hi everyone, I'm from Weki Meki From Weki Meki, but on Three Wheels Three Wheels? [This is IQS not Three Wheels] [Whatever Who cares] [IQS, do better] Click! 1, 2, 3! [That's her business] 1, 2, 3, click! 1, 2, 3! [I'm so cool] [Applause] Hello, I'm Chuu, the girl with high pitched voice! [Too cute to be true] Click! Click! Click! And the dark horse, MJ! Yes, I'm the loud one in this house

[Get your hopes up] MJ of Astro! [Insane energy] 1, 2, 3! [Whatever you imagine] [He won't let you down] [End of introduction] Welcome to IQS house! [Welcome] The most extraordinary fun thing! IQS Season 2! – Let's go! – Let's go! [IQS Season 2! The Sane Quiz Show] Listen carefully Carefully~ There are team games and individual games The winner of each segment will be rewarded immediately Let's see what we have as rewards Editing As You Wish

For example, Halo CG Streaming with 10 phones We will use 10 phones of our staff to stream your songs Ad time [One shot for 6 sec] PR sticker

[On everyone] Five minute break on bed Purchase of 10 copies of your album Secret gift So curious! A hand written letter [Written by a PD] A wonderful memory

Very memorable What was the laugh? It's Doyeon's favorite! MJ and Chuu will name their team – We are a team? – Yes 1, 2, 3, M~ uh? [Where is the team spirit?] [Rehearsing] 1, 2, 3, We are M~ Chuu! Ok~ Doyeon & Elly's team name and spirit! Do-Dung- Because, I'm Doyeon, and her nickname is Haedung Alright, so it's Do-dung Vs MChuu Now, IQS starts its engine! – Let's get it! – Let's get it! [Big Jengame: Pull a jenga block and do what it says

If you failed, you get another block!] Quiz of IQS House is [A high kick out of nowhere?] No joke! Let's play the rock-paper-scissors to decide who will play first You lose if you don't play, rock-paper-scissors! [MChuu goes first!] Do-dung- Pull a jenga block, please

Let's see Which one should we go for [Producing her own Bg music] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! 8 Floors? Yes! Left or right? My left! – Your left is this way! – Yes, that's correct! 1, 2, 3! [Teamwork is working!] That looks easy [A block pulled out smoothly] Dance mission? Watch this dance video twice, and copy the dance exactly Video, please! How do you do this? [CLON's First Love First watch] [Flashy hand gesture] Let's go! This is the ending? [It was very fast] How can we copy this? This is the ending? You get to watch it twice Spin, spin and spin~ To the right, over here

To the left, and up, and down, and the ending like this! – We will try! – MChuu, go! – First to the right – To the right We have a prop for you [The must have item for the song] [LED gloves] MChuu, go! 1, 2, 3, 4! – Up, up! To the right, right, – I don't think this is it To the left! And to the front! [Video Assistant Referee] [Original] Vs

[MChuu] [Something's not right] That was it, right? What is right? That was pretty close To me Pass! [Very generous] Now, it's your turn, Do-Dung Do-Dung Stable one – This one – Okay – It doesn't move! – It will – What is it? – Dance Mission! Watch this dance video twice, and copy the dance exactly

This is not easy [Boa's Girls on top, First watch] What is she doing? What, wait, what? Wait a second! – What is it? – Ah, okay – What was that? – So easy No, like this? No, no Just a piggyback

I will carry you – You think you can? – Of course [You trust me, right?] You get to watch one more time before deciding Let's play it [Boa's Girls on top, Second watch] Ok! Like this! Is live singing also required? Music, Q! 2, 3, on top! Their feet position is different! Not the same! [Whatever] [Video Assistant Referee] [Original] Vs

[Do-Dung] Isn't that a flying knee kick? [Yes, that] Do-Dung Do-Dung- Pass! [Very generous 22] What is the standard? Their partnership was working Yes, I give you that MChuu's turn to pull a block 1, 2, 3! [Easy] Rank Quiz

What was the rank top song on Melon in July 2018? 1 BlackPink-DDU-DU DDU-DU 2 Twice-Dance the night away 3 Bolbbalgan4 – Travel 4 Shaun – Way back home July 2018

Hint, please A hint would make it too easy I'll show you just a peek of lower body routine Ok There is a routine? In that case, No

3 is eliminated Right! No 3 didn't have a dance routine – Does No 4 have one? – No

[Very generous 333] But this hint is This is the only thing I can offer [Wiggle wiggle] I got it

What is it? No 1 Because Twice song is like this [Hey, what?] Excuse me, but are you the Smurfs? This? [The Smurfs out of nowhere] And BlackPink dance is like this with your feel But it feels fishy

Fishing Ok, I'll take your advice MChuu's answer is? – No 2! – What? No 2? No

2, Twice's Dance The Night Away The Smurfs! [Looks just funny] – Correct! – Correct answer! Wrong! [The top rank song in July 2018 was BlackPink's DDU-DU DDU-DU] I'm sorry! The Smurfs! I thought it was a trap! Pull out another block, please – This – 1, 2, 3! Now different color, every time Word Mission

– Until the end of this segment – I'm so nervous You have to carry out this mission Tell us the mission word [Mission: Add "Rwa" at the end of every sentence

] Add "rwa" at the end of every sentence OK, rwa I get it, rwa Now it really begins! [When failed, another block is added] Do-Dung's turn to pull out a block Which mission will be picked? Word Mission! What is the word? [Mission: Add your song title in front of every sentence

] – Add your song title in front of every sentence – Picky picky Say, Picky picky, me! To answer Alright? – Understood? – Picky picky, yes! Where is your language from, rwa? MChuu, pull out a block, please Touch! Initial Consonant Quiz! Guess the song title based on the first consonants

Give us the question Is this part of the lyrics, rwa? – Sister, rwa – Sister, rwa? I don't think so, rwa Sister, rwa Hint, please

I don't know how to sing this song Do-Dung, you try Give them a hint [This is the dance routine] So pretty Picky picky! Where is your rwa? [Nice, Elly] Another block for MChuu

Do-Dung- [The dance suggests this music?] Right? Now, give me your answer Chung Ha's 24 hours, rwa? Which language? [Total disaster] You just sang the same melody [Did I?] Yes, that! TWIT, rwa! Hwa Sa's TWIT! Correct! [Hwa Sa's TWIT] Now I get it [Hwa Sa, close your eyes] Do-Dung's turn – Picky picky, this – Ok [Nope, excuse me!] [Where is your Picky picky?] [Another block for Do-Dung] It wobbles~ [Wobbly, but still ok] Action Mission~ What is the mission? [Mission: Do not touch your hair] Picky picky, it's so hard

We will watch carefully, rwa [Last touch] [Me, too] You touched your hair enough? Picky picky, yes The action mission starts now Do-Dung, pull out another block Picky picky, this feels good, right? [Not much left] [Do-Dung in crisis] [But done!] Acrostic Poem Mission

Make a poem with the letters I give you [Unconscious hair touch] You touched it, rwa! Sorry, Miss, rwa You earned a block Give us the letters Acrostic Poem Mission with I

QS So difficult Acrostic Poem Mission with I Q

S – Alright – Picky picky – You want to try? – Yes You don't have to say Picky picky during the poem

Picky picky Okay I will give you the letter 1, 2, 3, I! Let's win! Q! You, punk! Don't swear, rwa She could've meant the music genre [Defending] S! Let's solve some quiz! Pass! [Very generous 4444] MChuu's turn

Please pull a block out Not the best time to do that – We should do it very fast – Quickly – From the other side, on the count of 1, 2, 3

– I see! – Lightening speed! – Which way? Left or right? Right? – Left, rwa! – Left, rwa! 1, 2, 3! [Jenga tower collapsed] Picky picky, they pulled it to opposite directioins Our left was the opposite! How can we be in the same team, rwa! Big Jengame goes to Do-Dung! Do-Dung- It is the reward time

Editing As You Wish Very nice You, punk! 1, 2, 3! [Breathtaking and beautiful] The next segment of IQS! Shanghai~ Shanghai~ Shanghai~ No need to say much I will show you [Ring Ding Dong- Ring Ding Dong-] [Beep Beep] And then what? [The two songs are blended into one!] [His body is also blended] [Wanna see the new quiz? – To be continued next week -] [Time for Viewer Quiz!] Hi, I'm the MC, Ilhoon! It is the time for Viewer Quiz! Tada- [Guestbook of IQS house] This is my lip stain, after applying "PERIPERA INK MATTE BLUR TINT"

[That's right! IQS's the very first PPL] Among the 10 colors of PERIPERA INK MATTE BLUR TINT, Which color did Ilhoon applied on his lips? [Pick one among the ten!] If you know the answer, Come and leave your answer on our comment section I look forward to your participation There are prizes at stake!

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