Galaxy S9 owners face terrible news as Galaxy S10 released THIS MONTH ! News

Samsung’s all-new and fully refreshed Galaxy S10 will go on sale later this month with the firm’s latest flagship coming packed with plenty of new features The S10 includes a new fully edge-to-edge screen which now covers more of the phone plus there’s a faster processor tucked under the hood and a triple rear camera placed on the rear case

This new device also gets the bonus of an embedded fingerprint scanner under the 61-inch screen and there’s something called PowerShare which allows other devices such as phones and accessories to get an instant refill when placed on top of the S10 There’s no question that this update offers plenty of appeal and Samsung has also launched a larger S10+model (£899) and cheaper S10e (£669) to make sure there’s a device to suit all tastes and budgets Sadly, this major upgrade is not good news for those owning a current Galaxy S9 Not only does the S10 outclass the Galaxy S9 with the inclusion of all those new features but its release also means trade-in prices for Samsung’s current flagship are plummeting

Just a few weeks ago the S9 was worth £300 with that price dropping to £285 on the day the S10 was announced Now, with just a week to go until the S10 hits stores, things have got even worse with average prices now just £250 – £50 less than it was worth in February If you own an S9, things could continue to drop with data from trade-in site musicMagpie, revealing that older Samsung devices could lose up to 35 per cent of their value once the S10 officially becomes available If the research is correct then things could get even worse for owners of this flagship with values for the S9 possibly dropping below £200 in the coming months It’s worth remembering that although the prices have dropped for the S9 on some sites, Samsung is offering a good deal for those who want to upgrade

The Korean technology firm will give owners of the S9 £300 off the price of the new S10 when they hand over their current device There's also some other deals on this latest flagship with Samsung also offering interest-free credit which allows customers to pay for their new phone in instalments Expresscouk has already taken delivery of an S10+ and will bring you our full review soon

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