How To Be Popular In High School, Middle School & College (Becoming A Cool Kid In School)

How To Become Popular In School Welcome to Natural Healing Guides, in this motivational video, we are going to explore 6 surefire ways to become popular in school

Before we proceed, if you have not subscribed to the channel, consider subscribing now by clicking the subscribe button and the bell icon Being popular in school (especially in secondary or high school) is usually the concern of many teenagers and young adults To them, it is the most uplifting feeling in the world A lot of them can literally do anything just to be among those popular bunch in school No one is exactly born popular, but with some few tips and consistency, you can achieve it

Here are some tips on how to be a popular boy or girl while in school These tips are applicable both ways Remember, you have to be consistent and do it with precision without coming off as a show off or premeditated We can assure you these time tested tips will work once you begin to apply them judiciously Make Good First Impressions

This is very important and probably the first thing you ought to do whenever you come in contact with anyone Everyone likes charming people – those who make them laugh and who say nice things about them No one likes spending time with people who spend the whole day talking about themselves an not caring about what you do or who you are So when you meet people for the first time, introduce yourself and possibly your class, then next thing is to ask about theirs If they are having issues with their homework or locker etc, offer to help them

This way, you are already etched in their minds as the guy or girl that helped them when they were in a fix So the next time you both meet, there will not be any need for an introduction The conversation just flows and from there, well the rest as they say is history Have Lots of Friends Having friends is probably one of the things you should do if you want to be popular

If you notice, the popular ones in your school have a lot of friends and people they talk to Now, in actual sense, these people are not exactly their friends, they are people who know them and which the popular ones say hello to It is not always about having plenty friends but in having plenty people know you As someone rightly said "just ensure that the people who matter in school know you then the rest will follow suit" If we are translating this, it would mean ensuring that the popular kids in school know you

Once everyone else sees that you rub shoulders with them, they would also want to rub shoulders with you Good Hygiene The importance of good hygiene cannot be overemphasized It is impossible to be popular if you have bad breath for instance or if you look sweaty all the time like you just ran the entire school field The truth is everyone likes a clean person irrespective of if they are clean themselves

Therefore if you wish to be popular and well liked, ensure you bath at least twice daily Invest in some good under arm deodorants, perfumes and body spray depending on your budget (just ensure you have at least two of the three) Also, try getting whitening strips to help brighten up your smile If you cannot get whiteners, then brush twice daily and floss at least once daily All these will help improve your hygiene and ensure you appear clean at all times

Do not forget to also shave your under arm and pubic hair at least three times in a month and wear clean clothes If you adhere to all these simple hygiene rules, there is no way you will not be liked by your classmates and every other person around you Be Trendy and Stay in Style Most popular people in school are also trendy people who know what is going on in the world of fashion, music, entertainment etc Staying in style does not mean buying every single thing in vogue

It simply means borrowing a thing or two from it to refurbish your own style Remember, fashion fades, style remains Style is like your identity- it is what everyone knows you with So just ensure to know a little about everything and be abreast of current events Stay Fit

This is probably going to be tiresome to some people but it should not be Staying fit does not necessarily mean you have to visit the gym all the time or lift weights However, there are simple exercises you can do to help keep yourself trim at all times Find out which particular areas of your body that needs to be worked on and focus on them You can download some workout apps and do them at home preferably early in the morning or few hours before going to bed

Be Outgoing If you want to be popular, then you have to show yourself as an outgoing person Even if you are an introvert naturally, you have to at least show that you are a people-person Go out, hang out and relax instead of staying indoors all day Going out means others will also see you and from there you become a regular smd popular face

Do not over do this particular tip Before you go out for any outing, please always check your budget in order to ensure you do not run into debt You do not need to strand every outing, party or show that is going on in school Simply pick the one you think will be more convenient for you and where you can also see a lot of other cool people around Once they start noticing that you hang out there they also hang out, the connection becomes instant

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