Liz Wheeler SHUTS DOWN 2 most popular arguments for abortion in 2 minutes

Student: My question to you is a lot of my friends go to private girls' schools, and I feel like the constant argument that I get with them is, "I agree with abortion, but up until when the heartbeat starts or up until when this starts" And I guess defining what a fetus is to them really triggers them

I was wondering what I could do to get around this and rebut them Wheeler: There are two arguments for that The first is the "stage of development" argument When leftists call a baby a "fetus" and say, "A fetus is not a baby By definition, it's different," that's a stupid argument because a fetus is simply a term that identifies a stage of development

It starts with a zygote and then an embryo and then a fetus and then a baby when it's born But the terms for stages of development continue after birth You have a newborn, you have an infant, you have a toddler, you have a child, you have an adolescent, you have an adult, you have a geriatric It's just a term I think that's a real one

[Audience laughter] It's just a stage of development, but does that stage of development mean that that baby is not a human? Is it a different species? Because if not, then the stage of development is completely irrelevant That would be answer A Answer B: If you're talking about the "viability" argument, the viability argument is just a humbling reminder to us, and I mean the entire human race, that we have not yet perfected the science and art of medicine because viability changes, and it has throughout the course of modern medicine We used to not be able to save a baby's life if that baby was born prematurely Now, if a baby is born at, I think it's 23 weeks, we have a chance of saving that baby's life outside of the womb

Viability doesn't determine the humanity of that baby because viability is on a spectrum that we, as human beings, are chasing We are trying to develop technology that reduces the number of weeks at which we can define viability And again, that has nothing to do whatsoever with humanity unless your friends know something I don't know Student: Thank you Wheeler: Sure

[Audience applause]

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