Ohio man indicted on charges of plotting synagogue attack

(CNN)A male who supposedly had photos of weapons and pro-ISIS messages on his social networks accounts was arraigned Tuesday on charges of targeting a Jewish holy place, federal district attorneys in northern Ohio stated.

A federal grand jury indictment charges him with trying to offer material assistance to ISIS, trying to devote a hate criminal activity and having guns in furtherance of a criminal offense of violence.
CNN has actually connected to a lawyer for Joseph, however has actually not gotten a reaction.

        By the time Joseph consulted with undercover representatives, they stated, he had actually narrowed his plot to one synagogue and revealed among the representatives images from inside the structure, stating he wished to begin the killing spree in the sanctuary, records reveal. Joseph, who supposedly wished to ensure he eliminated a rabbi, stated he was going to rob the synagogue on the Sabbath so he would trigger optimal bloodshed, records reveal.
        In early December, representatives offered Joseph 2 unusable AR-15s which is when they took him into custody, records reveal.

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