One Single Thought: Community Street Theater at the Park – Baby trend popular word July 15, 2019

hi guys okay I'm not even sure how to explain this one because well for my one single thought but I went bike riding yesterday over to the park across the way and over there it just seems like the whole community is a straight theatre it's something and I know that they have the SCAD which is related to the film industry so anyway I was in the park I was just sitting there and I was making my other vlog that one the long way I made yesterday and so anyway then I saw the this family come along and they come over into the area where I'm at and they start taking pictures they got a new little baby and everybody knows babies is a popular trending word baby baby is a popular trending word and so I'm just sitting there and watching them and then there's this guy who looks about 35 or 40 he's running around and jumping off the fountain like he's – which that itself is kind of funny and so I talked to him a little bit and and and so anyway then they then they push their carriage and they stopped right in front of me and so you can actually you know kind of think about pop culture and you know who who has babies and stuff like that and so anyway I said something about I mean you know it's like you just never know what – what's gonna well you know what my may or may not resonate with someone you know and everything is it's like well how do you get in touch with like for example women you know women who may not have internet access or don't use internet and so I said I said we'll enjoy the baby because they grow up so fast and so the thing is it's like for me that's true I don't have any babies around and and so but I know maybe that's a sensitive subject for young mothers because when they're in the middle of having a baby throwing a tantrum you know I always understood that when older people were saying that to me it's it never offended me because I thought they don't have kids and maybe they do like being around kids you know and so anyway that wasn't something offensive he had an English accent his wife didn't talk much at all she didn't she didn't talk hardly at all and and so I happened to say something that like to the effect of I know myself as a military spouse I didn't get paid night I hope your wife gets paid for taking care of that baby and he's like I'm going to take care of the baby I I can't do an English accent like I can just do an American English accent but not like he did and I and I said well can you take the baby to work and he turns around he looks I'm going to take care of the baby but what about your wife who's going to take care of her I hope she's getting paid I'm going to take care of the baby it was just such a I mean so I mean English people just never get mad you never see them arguing getting mad or anything and and so I thought whoa so you can take a stereotypical family and completely avoid using the pop-culture words of that family and that's what it reminded me of a popular pop culture family but the the the center around it well there was a personal photographer and if I was gonna be a smartypants they had a one of those cameras that is rapidly takes pictures that I thought well I don't want to push that you know it was like mine that's been taken away for now for going on 15 months and they're out there taking pictures in the park take pictures of the family taking pictures of the baby and there's it but the funniest part was the fact of the guy who looked like he was almost 40 running around and he was jumping and skipping he had a little dog and he looked like keep it as almost and I'm like this this has to be some sort of recital or rehearsal or something related to the street there because I know Savannah has the street theatre going on or the Savannah College of Art Design and a lot of people have talked about the cities are using street theatre and that's the people who well they use the word crowdsourcing and so it's so it's sort of a way where it probably existed before the thought even popped into my head that people could be used to describe artificial how artificial intelligence works and so and so the thing you know and and you know most people I've never had anybody who was well you know it's like when you said sometimes you say something and you're always thinking second-guessing yourself and wondering well should I say that they might be offended but the thing is for me I think it's really mostly important for women to you know especially here in America to think about the fact of women not being paid equally you know and and and so once I have that understanding okay this is never gonna go away again we have the Internet and we're talking about it we have a connection and so women don't have to agree on things and that's one thing my husband always says he's like well if women would vote together they could rule the world and and so but but then I'm thinking it's like well women just don't have to agree on everything and and why should we vote for something because that's what you want but yet we're not paid equally and so we're not paid equally and so in order for us to be paid equally we have to be able to women into leadership roles and leadership positions in order to get paid equally and and then I've said like you know we I and I've told him I said before I moved up to Iowa I went to apply for a job at the National Guard Armory in Iowa which was a gs position which I thought was a civilian position and they told me I had to be active duty in order to have the job and and so it just had me thinking it's like well you know but I need a job but you're and so down at the round the military bases they were just hiring any old person to be in those jobs so that's what I thought so GS position is appropriated funding in naf non-appropriated funds it's not appropriated funding but that's that's so that's kind of like the yin and the yang like appropriated would be when they appropriate so much money you know like for military spending whatever that could be actually nan Hite side I've learned that the military can take and pretty much do what they want it's the government they can pretty much do what they want with the money and so so through their slick word bending they're blur words and word bending they can use the money probably just about anywhere I mean I I can act this is kind of a fun game you know sit here now watching them reflecting back on my life and watching them I can see how the money could be used anywhere and and spread throughout the country but at the same time in order for people to be treated equally I mean I would hope the military is crawling across the whole country and taking notes of the anti diversity that is happening because it's because you know it's and I've seen it my own self you know when you call up a recruiter and I would be thinking like if I was a me and I'd be thinking well my mom needs a job and like can't we call up the headquarters or someone is and quite challenge this and like whoa how come my mom can't get a job when she needs a job there's these government military orgies jobs here but there's no other work for her to do but she needs a job and it's like why is there so many heartless young men and and they're in the power and they're in the control and and that's the part that doesn't mesh well and it's kind of like the anti diversity of that sentiment continues to spread and and it's in men you know what I mean you can take the race out of it you know because it's like because it's like no matter what race they get they can get wrapped up into the good old boys system you know I mean the in in here I'm gonna qualify it and say okay it's not all of them so in order to make the snowflakes feel better we have to say oh it's not all of them you know the the the snowflakes who are whose sensibilities is why are you lumping everybody into that one sentiment so in order to make the snowflakes feel better I have to say that you know but the truth the truth of the matter is I mean anti diversity gender Oh ginger ISM that's a good we're gender ism gender ism you know preventing making things harder for women to do a job is making things harder for women to do a job and so I guess I never would have thought that the use of the Internet to pull in data for a an extended maybe even twenty your investment who knows how long 20 year investigation to look and see how men are discriminating women and it's like well now all of a sudden that's coming out why is it coming out and well because we're having a conversation and and men always said women tend to talk more than they do well and right now that's probably not I mean it never was a bad thing but men just tend to feel uncomfortable with what wouldn't say a lot of times you know but the funny thing I always noticed though too when I was around the United States military these men talked and gossip like crazy I mean I've never seen anything like it then that was the thing that I found really strange you know when you move to different places like out in the civilian community there's this quietness of oh you don't talk about that but around the United States military these men talk about everything it's like and don't you know sometimes they'll include women too well I will no doubt they'll include women I mean they talk on the phone they call up each other and talk on the phone they probably call up random people and just talk outside in the in the community it's like they I have never in my life you know and that's the the whole funny part is that they just talk to everybody and that's like when when I lived in Germany there was a guy look I come from the prison and that was a funny part it's like well what the heck does why you know it you know there was I mean he called to talk to me twice and I didn't see any big deal about it he said he was in Mannheim somewhere I think he said he was in Mannheim and he said he'd done something wrong he did did some murder or something like that and oh I might have been I might have been writing something online I would have never thought of that but I started you know it's like you write something loosely and you know you don't mean it literally but you're writing about it it's like well how come the look the United States soldiers can get away with murder over on foreign land but then there's people in the United States and it's all by no means am I'm saying that murder should be permitted it shouldn't but I said isn't it kind of strange to think the soldiers are sent away to a foreign country to murder people and they don't go to jail they don't go to prison and so they get a pass for do committing a crime and I said and I his voice shouldn't they put their self in prison or jail and I didn't think about it that when I was writing it on the internet somebody well probably the United States government or someone could be reading it but but yeah and so the military has since had some tribunals or something related to that if soldiers go to war that they are that they get let off the hook because of the situation that they're in because it's something that is separate from their there they're not committing a crime so so I have to wonder though because the thing is is when you think about games and gaming what do you think about games and gaming the military is always training come on spud and so I so the thing that I'm questioning now is that in the past we've always had them going to war so and they've they've gone to war so the thing I'm asking though is at what place are they training and are we able to distinguish the difference between them training and going to war so if we're told that they go to war is it actually a trading event but we're not told that they're at a training event so that's the thing that I'm asking right now is so it would be kind of similar to advertising you know how there's the argument that with advertising we have no idea who is paying for the advertising because advertisers will say that they don't want to tell the American public they don't want to be transparent and so I like to compare the United States military to the private industry advertisers who say that everything is theirs and created it when they didn't you know I mean the thing that that probably came about from a long long time ago because of the fact that somebody put something out and then they just keep repeating it they had now they have no idea where he even came from they just keep repeating it similar to religion you know they just keep repeating that's how we end up with two people worshiping like a Grimm's fairy tale and so so in the meantime we have soldiers who could be going to war in there and the American public is led to believe that it's a real war when in fact it is a training event it could be a training event and but we're not told that it's a training event and so I mean I don't know I have no idea you know because when they're told that they have this OPSEC which is operation security and don't tell anybody about what they're doing is that they're under a nondisclosure agreement and they're not supposed to talk about anything and so then we have a literal nature of people who don't question anything you know why would you I never you know when I questioned my ex-husband he'd say it's all politics that's all you'd say it's all politics so it's like well maybe he was trained to say that I don't know but he wouldn't open up he wouldn't talk to me about anything and so so that's where we are today so you know when I try to ask questions and so it's like well so when men are you know and are trying to control the dialogue and wanting to exclude women from what they're doing through marriages then this is what we get because it's used for their benefits in in some senses it's used for their benefits and so what purpose does that serve to exclude women from pay other than for a man's benefits of involuntary servitude which becomes human trafficking of a human being excluding women from jobs excluding women from pay excluding women from power and you know I mean all I would want is equality you know I'm not asking to overpower men because they need to live too you know so if women and men need to live happily separately for a hundred years so be it your or but I know that might not coincide with those who question well why is the American public having less babies the Congress and Senate who say well why is the American public having less babies well because people can't afford to live you know and so so yeah so if people can't afford to live and you're taking the money away from people you're you're slowing down the economy you're manufacturing less for people except for yourself those of you who are at the top and and so the shadow banking government the wall street shadow banking government so that's basically and that goes back back to the Rockefeller the Rockefeller injection of money related to the education that only a few people can be lawyers and authors and doctors they got in entertainers they got enough of those and everybody else is chopped liver Babymakers you know for for the country but okay yeah for the Queen yeah cuz we got some weird-ass stuff here too in our home Association stuff it did our covenants had something in there about the Queen of England I thought I always thought how stupid is that it's that I maybe I have to show you guys some time because I had something in there about the Queen of England and I'm thinking who puts that in there in a home association document about the Queen of England or something about England and it's like that is really weird and stupid you know because the thing is here where we live we have no places to vote because of where we live the inn and so we just have houses and and kind of like I said previously the government moves into abandoned buildings or buildings that are really really cheap or is all that someone donates to the government and they get a tax break that's how they do it they'll donate it and then they get a tax break so otherwise the government I guess just doesn't buy buildings because it would be too expensive so the people who with the people the capitalists are spending the money on their self but not on the people so they're doing they're spitting it on yourself none of the people they're not sharing the well so anyway that's it

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