Pomegranate is still one of Toronto's most popular Persian restaurants

If you guys happen to like pomegranates, then you are going to love the restaurant that I'm at right now It is called The Pomegranate! They specialize in Persian cuisine and I really hope that one of the dishes is literally just a pomegranate on a plate because why not? The dishes here are really colourful and bright

I'm starting off with a house specialty and that is the fesenjaan with chicken The sauce is made from a pomegranate molasses or basically a pomegranate reduction All it really is pomegranate that's been boiled down And to that, they add some ground walnuts to really give it a creamy texture The chicken that they use in this, they're boneless chicken pieces

Coming here I knew I had to get a rice dish, so today I had the orasa Polo, which means jewelled rice The reason they named it that is because of all the beautiful colours that are inside because of the bountiful ingredients that they use The rice, when they're prepping it, they actually soak it overnight in salt water Now like I said there are a lot of different ingredients inside, so that includes orange peeled, slivered pistachios and almonds, carrots, bar berries and everything is steamed together Once that process is over, they add some saffron on the top and they mix that in for extra colour and aroma

The rice is great on its own, but to just kick it up a notch, they serve it with a braised lamb shank that's been cooked for three hours The boz qormeh is definitely a dish I would highly recommend The literal translation of that is goat stew, but there is no goat in this! It's like a lamb stew The sauce that they make is made with a Persian whey or aged yogurt And the lamb and the sauce are cooked together with different spices and then it's topped off with a sautéed eggplant and beet

Just a tip for you guys, don't show up to The Pomegranate for lunch because they actually open up at 5:00 pm for dinner service or if you happen to get here for lunch just wait, build up an appetite and then have dinner here because it is totally worth it!

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