Tyson Fury now 'more popular than Anthony Joshua', claims Ricky Hatton

 Boxing legend Ricky Hatton believes times have now changed in terms of popularity in the heavyweight division   After Anthony Joshua's shock loss to Andy Ruiz Jr, Hatton now reckons Tyson Fury would win a popularity contest with fans as he prepares for his June 15 clash with Tom Schwarz   Fury, who trains at Hatton's gym in Manchester, made a stunning comeback last year and won over supporters with his dramatic draw against Deontay Wilder in Los Angeles  Fans have grown frustrated with Joshua's inability to make fights with either Fury or Wilder prior to his stunning defeat at Madison Square Garden  And Hatton reckons Joshua is losing momentum as Fury's career goes from strength to strength both inside and outside the ring  Hatton told the Daily Star: "You have to look at it in contrast, Tyson Fury’s debut in America was Deontay Wilder, and Joshua’s is Ruiz  "Anthony has all the belts, all the aces, but I think Tyson Fury is probably more popular now, even though he hasn’t got the belts because of the courageous performance and courage he showed, and the willing to fight  "I feel like I’m picking on Anthony a little bit here, and I’m not, he’s done our country so proud  "I just think, as a simple boxing fan, which I am, if I wasn’t a boxer I’d still be a boxing fan, I just feel he’s, not left behind, but I think he’s losing his momentum "  Fury is set for a rematch with Wilder after what is expected to be a routine fight against Schwarz next weekend  Promoter Bob Arum revealed that he could be set for a trilogy with Wilder with plans already in place for a third fight   “There are a lot of good heavyweights who have had trilogies This would be a trilogy," Arum told World Boxing News  “The percentages will change, as in the winner would get more on that third fight, than the loser It’s all based on who wins the second fight

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