What is the most popular K-pop group in America?

Well, uh Problem is, I'm a multistan And I love, like

There's too many! Three two one, what's going on everybody? It's Xiaoma Back with another K-pop video We are now at the Javits Center Which is the home of the KCON NY That is North America's hottest Hottest K-pop convention right now! We are gonna ask these K-pop fans here in New York City What their favorite K-pop band is And why And it should be very interesting to see Who's the hottest K-pop band! In America right now It's gonna be great Alright, ready? Let's go! Alright, yeah, so what is your favorite K-pop band right now? I like Seventeen the most! Okay, why? There's a lot of them so it's very diverse No two members are quite like the other So you just get a lot of different vibes from all of them And they're all very talented And I really like their music! Cool! ATEEZ! ATEEZ, why? Because they're like, super charismatic And they, umm They just have that thing

That no one else does I really like their choreography and all their music that they put out My favorite is TWICE TWICE, why? Because of their personalities! Everything, they're the full package, man! My favorite K-pop band is BTS Not just for their personalities but also for their music and the way that they perform I love their live performances, it's fantastic And their dances are great! BTS! Why? Becausethey'regreat In everything they do, and I really enjoy their music Awesome! I like Seventeen I love Seventeen! Why, what is it about them? Like everything! They do their own music, their own choreography, and they write their own songs And produce everything by themselves My favorite group's GOT7 They're all Diverse, they're from different countries in Asia Jackson!!! I like The Rose and Day6 Because they play their own instruments I don't know if mine counts as K-pop It's more towards K hip-hop But I really like PH-1 He's from Long Island, and umm

He has a really chill vibe, and it's just groovy I like GFriend And Blackpink Both of them speak to me They're both very Energetic and outgoing And They're all cute, so Cool! Shinee! They're so hardworking, they're so humble And they make the best music! I'm a pretty big fan of GOT7 Wearing their tour t-shirt! Their personalities kinda just jump out to me And, uh

Their openness in interactions with their fans has been really inspiring BTS They paved the way for other K-pop artists in America Other than BTS I guess I would say TXT NCT! They're amazing They do dance, they sing But, it's like they're so cultural, there's so many different members Red Velvet! Vocal queens, pretty much! NCT I just think they're really unique Nice Like right now I'm really into ATEEZ Girl: ATEEZ is like my number one right now Xiaoma: Why ATEEZ? I don't know, they're just so good at everything I like everyone! Everybody, they're all amazing! Like, they're really all amazing Left: I can't pick out one favorite Right: But they all have different things

I'm gonna go with GOT7 Yeah, I really love GOT7 I like BTS too, but GOT7, oh I love them! They have a lot of members From China, Thailand They speak a lot of languages And I've been to their concert, they're great Really great performers! I have a couple! Okay Okay, so ATEEZ Xiaoma: Yes, everybody loves ATEEZ today Girl: BTS

NCT Really good, NCT 127, you know I really love Monsta X Wow, that's a lot Yeah If you had to narrow it down to just two Two?! I'm gonna say

ATEEZ They just started, they're a rookie group still but Phenomenal performance, I've seen them live Met them, they're amazing boys Umm, and BTS, what they're doing with Spreading the culture The Korean culture, andintegrating society With

race, and It's so amazing what they're doing, mental illness, so That'sthose are probably my two favorites Sweet Who's your favorite? Probably obviously BTS I don't listen to a lot of K-pop, I actually listen to a lot of the hip hop So, do you have a favorite"K-hop"? Okay, she's gonna give you a list now! Oh yeah, I love MKIT Rain! MKIT Rain? Yes They're a label, but I like all the rappers So my favorite group right now, currently, is BTS and TXT They're my favorite, I love them so much I think TXT is doing an amazing job with their debut They're putting out all these new songs, they're such like a

Colorful pop group, I'm obsessed with it Awesome! BTS, but I just listen to the music, butnothing really much Yeah but it's lit! Monsta X! Monster X? Monsta!!! Monsta X, okay Mine's kind of inactive Big Bang But right now I say BTS Or ATEEZ! Maybe, because they're

new So I like them Back in 2016, me and my K-pop group weperformed at Kcon And it was the first time I heard a Monsta X song And I just Immediately fell in love Their music, they always switch it up Their style, they always switch it up They're not afraid To be absolutely chaotic, and I feel like they fully express me as a chaotic person and I love it! So I see you like Seventeen? Yeah! Why? Why? Yeah Well, they got me into K-pop

And I think It's just a different thing, because they produce their own songs And they choreograph their own songs And they're like self-producing I don't know, [that] always caught my attention And they're just verytalented boys, I don't know how to explain, like Uh, I really like Seventeen, ATEEZ, and BTS My top 3! If you had to do top 2! No, don't do that! Don't do that! Top 3, alright! I like BTS, NCT, and umm ATEEZ! I think that overall

their duality is really good So like, Seventeen In the past they've done a lot of like, "flower boy" concepts What concepts? Flower boy? Or like, some "soft" concepts But like Their most recent EP You Made My Dawn It came out, and it was dark Seventeen And everybody's been waiting for dark Seventeen So I really like that And like It's a really large group, but their synchronization is on point It's ridiculous! And then BTS is like

Their lyrics are really good And it's just like, the production that goes behind their music is amazing And then ATEEZ is like This rookie group that came out of nowhere! And is just like taking everybody over! BTS I don't know, I just like their performance live And I also like the message that goes behind their music BTS! BTS, okay, and why? Why?! I love them so much Why, what is it about them, what's the thing that attracts you most? They really grabbed me! Like my whole heart, my intention, all of that Well, uh Problem is, I'm a multistan And I love, like

There's too many! If you had to narrow it down to top one or two Top two right now Like of the day Of the day? Top one of the day is ATEEZ Because I'm going to their fan sign I won their competition Awesome! And I'm going to cry I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry! Oh my god, wow, good luck! Thanks! Left: Shinee! Right: Super Junior! We're more into veterans, and like Second generation

Shinee and Super Junior, and why? Well I don't know, their songs are just way more catchy and upbeat The recent ones are more hip hop and stuff, not reallymy style Cool Seventeen and BTS Yes Okay, and why? For BTS, it really helps me out and everything Like their music and their lyrics I can really relate to them And everything And Like even when I'm down, like feeling sad Their music always cheers me up Seventeen gives you that vibe, but a different type of pop Like they can do a love song and a hip hop song at the same time Some of the responses actually today werereally beautiful And the other interesting thing that I learned today Was umm How hot ATEEZ is For such a new band it seems like they're really making a bigsplash! So that was super cool Anyway guys If you like these videos you can subscribe And umm Stay tuned for some more K-pop

Vids On the channel See you guys next time!

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